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Shake day from formal rush 2013! 

If you’re thinking of going through rush at Sewanee you need to sign up at

Going through rush is a wonderful experience; even if, at the end, you decide going greek isn’t for you. You get to meet a ton of new people and have a lot of fun. Joining a greek organization is life-changing. You gain a wonderful support system, new friends, and sisters that will always be there for you. Also it can be a ton of fun.
Hope to see you ladies for formal house visits!

We had our sorority secret santa at Mi Casa! 
It was a lovely night all around.

Last night we initiated our new pledge sister Maggie!

Our upperclass 2013 pledge Maggie.She was officially sorted into Hufflepuff!

Our upperclass 2013 pledge Maggie.
She was officially sorted into Hufflepuff!

Big sister scavenger hunt fall 2013.

Candied Apples! Pre-Rush 2013 (nov. 20)

We had a beautiful candied apple bar for lovely freshman to come and ask questions about us and our sorority.

A couple weekends ago the majority of our sisters got together to help build a house for Housing Sewanee!

We had a lovely Upperclass Shake Day this past Saturday.
We have a wonderful new pledgling, Maggie! 

Around the World! 
We had a lovely (pre)pre-rush event thing with all the other sororities!
We all provided food from/based on a certain country and our country was Belgium. We made “Belgian doughnuts” or fried funnel cake dough covered in powdered sugar.
We met some lovely ladies and we hope to get to know you all better!